The Health Orientation Scale (HOS)

1. I am very aware of how healthy my body feels.
2. I sometimes wonder what others think of my physical health.
3. I feel anxious when I think about my health.
4. I feel confident about the status of my health.
5. I do things that keep me from becoming physically unhealthy.
6. I'm very motivated to be physically healthy.
7. I feel like my physical health is something that I myself am in ch‎arge of.
8. The status of my physical health is determined mostly by chance happenings.
9. I expect that my health will be excellent in the future.
10. I am in good physical health.
11. I notice immediately when my body doesn't feel healthy.
12. I'm very concerned with how others evaluate my physical health.
13. I'm worried about how healthy my body is.
14. I rarely become discouraged about my health.
15. I am motivated to keep myself from becoming physically unhealthy.
16. I'm strongly motivated to devote time and effort to my physical health.
17. My health is something that I alone am responsible for.
18. The status of my physical health is controlled by accidental happenings.
19. I believe that the future status of my physical health will be positive.
20. My body is in good physical shape.
21. I'm sensitive to internal bodily cues about my health.
22. I'm very aware of what others think of my physical health.
23. Thinking about my health leaves me with an uneasy feeling.
24. I am pleased with how well and healthy I feel.
25. I try to avoid engaging in behaviors that undermine my physical health.
26. I have a strong desire to keep myself physically healthy.
27. The status of my physical health is determined largely by what I do (and don't do).
28. Being in good physical health is just a matter of luck.
29. I do not expect to suffer health problems in the future.
30. I am a well-exercised person.
31. I know immediately when I'm not feeling in great health.
32. I'm concerned about how my physical health appears to others.
33. I usually worry about whether I am in good health.
34. I have positive feeling about my health.
35. I really want to prevent myself from getting out of shape.
36. It's really important to me that I keep myself in proper physical health.
37. What happens to my physical health is my own doing.
38. Being in excellent physical shape has little or nothing to do with luck.
39. I will probably experience a number of health problems in the future.
40. My body needs a lot of work in be in excellent physical shape.
41. I'm very aware of changes in my physical health.
42. I'm concerned about what other people think of my physical health.
43. I feel nervous when I think about the status of my physical health.
44. I feel that I have handled my health very well.
45. I am really motivated to avoid being in terrible physical shape.
46. I strive to keep myself in tip-top physical shape.
47. Being in good physical health is a matter of my own ability and effort.
48. I don't believe that chance or luck play any role in the status of my physical health.
49. I anticipate that my physical health will deteriorate in the future.
50. My physical health is in need of attention.
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A = Not at all ch‎aracteristic of me.
B = Slightly ch‎aracteristic of me.
C = Somewhat ch‎aracteristic of me.
D = Moderately ch‎aracteristic of me.
E = Very ch‎aracteristic of me.
1.    Personal Health Consciousness: 1‚ 11‚ 21‚ 31‚ 41
2.    . Health Image Concern: 2‚ 12‚ 22‚ 32‚ 42
3.    Health Anxiety: 3‚ 13‚ 23‚ 33‚ 43
4.    Health-Esteem and Confidence: 4‚ 14R‚ 24‚ 34‚ 44
5.    Motivation to Avoid Unhealthiness: 5‚ 15‚ 25‚ 35‚ 45
6.    Motivation for Healthiness: 6‚ 16‚ 26‚ 36‚ 46
7.    Health Internal Control: 7‚ 17‚ 27‚ 37‚ 47
8.    Health External Control: 8‚ 18‚ 28‚ 38R‚ 48R
9.    Health Expectations: 9‚ 19‚ 29‚ 39R‚ 49R
10.Health Status: 10‚ 20‚ 30‚ 40R‚ 50R

Snell‚ W. E.‚ Jr.‚ Johnson‚ G.‚ Lloyd‚ P. J.‚ & Hoover‚ W. (1991). The development and validation of the Health Orientation Scale: A measure of psychological tendencies associated with health. European Journal of Personality‚ 5‚ 169-183.