Personal Growth Initiative Scale (PGIS)

Using the scale below‚ circle the number which best describes the extent to which you agree or disagree with each statement.
1 = Definitely disagree
2 = Mostly disagree
3 = Somewhat disagree
4 = Somewhat agree
5 = Mostly agree
6 = Definitely agree
1. I know how to change specific things that I want to change in my life.
2. I have a good sense of where I am headed in my life.
3. If I want to change something in my life‚ I initiate the transition process.
4. I can choose the role that I want to have in a group.
5. I know what I need to do to get started toward reaching my goals.
6. I have a specific action plan to help me reach my goals.
7. I take ch‎arge of my life.
8. I know what my unique contribution to the world might be.
9. I have a plan for making my life more balanced.