Depression is a mood disorder that involves a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. It is different from the mood fluctuations that people regularly experience as a part of life.

Youth Risk Behavior Survey

This survey is about health behavior. It has been developed so you can tell us what you do that may affect your health. The information you give will be used to improve health education for young people like yourself. 1.         How old are you? A.         12 years old or younger B.         13 years old C.         14 years old D.         15 years old …

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Suicide Screening Questions

When you make a diagnosis of unipolar or bipolar depression‚ suicide risk requires assessment. Ask the following progressive questions. If question 1 IS negative and suspicion is low‚ you can skip the subsequent questions. Questions to assess thoughts of suicide 1.     Have these symptoms/feelings (of depression) we’ve been talking about led you to think you might …

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Pierce Suicide Intent Scale

In suicide-risk assessment‚ results from a suicide intent scale can contribute to clinical observation and add valuable information about a suicidal person’s intention. All suicide attempts should be taken very seriously‚ this measure is not intended to trivia lise in any way any suicide attempt. This assessment is intended for use by professionals. If you are concerned …

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The ATTS questionnaire – abbreviated and revised version

A. Contact with the suicide problem Initially there are some questions about your experiences of suicide problems in your closest surroundings. Please mark with a cross the appropriate alternative. (Items are scored never‚ some time‚ often and not applicable). 1. Has any of the following persons (separate items for father/mother‚ brother/sister‚ child‚ partner‚ other relatives‚ …

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For each of the following attitude statements indicate the extent to which you think it represents your own view of yourself. Read each item carefully and circle the number to the right of the statement that best describes the degree to which each statement is Like You. Use the scale below. Please do not omit …