Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. It’s a feeling of fear or apprehension about what’s to come

Worry and Anxiety Questionnaire (WAQ)

1. What subjects do you worry about most often? a) __________________‚ b) _______________‚ c) ________________ d) __________________‚ e) _______________‚ e) ________________ For the following items‚ please circle the corresponding number (1 to 5). 2. Do your worries seem excessive or exaggerated? 1- Not at all excessive‚ 3- Moderately excessive‚ 5 – Totally excessive 3. Over …

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Worry / Rumination

1.    I am often worried. 2.    When I have a problem‚ I often think “why me?” 3.    It is difficult to forget bad things. 4.    Problems never worry me. I just solve them. 5.    When I have a problem‚ I can’t stop thinking about it. 6.    When I make a mistake‚ I am worried about what might happen. 7.    When I have …

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Taylor’s Manifest Anxiety Scale (TMAS)

1. I do not tire quickly                  2. I believe I am no more nervous than others              3. I have very few headaches                  4. I work under a great deal of tension               5. I frequently notice my hand shakes when I try do something           6. I blush no more often than others                  7. I have diarrhea …

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State-Trait Anxiety Inventory‚ (Form Y/ STAI-Y)

1.    I feel calm ____ 2.    I feel secure ____ 3.    I am tense ____ 4.    I feel strained ____ 5.    I feel at ease ____ 6.    I feel upset ____ 7.    I am presently worrying over possible misfortunes _____ 8.    I feel satisfied ____ 9.    I feel frightened ____ 10.I feel comfortable ____ 11.I feel self-confident ____ 12.I feel nervous ____ 13.I am jittery ____ 14.I feel indecisive ____ 15.I am relaxed ____ 16.I feel content ____ 17.I am …

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Sport Competition Anxiety Test (SCAT)

1.    Competing against others is socially enjoyable 2.    Before I compete I feel uneasy 3.    Before I compete I worry about not performing well 4.    I am a good sportsman when I compete 5.    When I compete‚ I worry about making mistakes 6.    Before I compete I am calm* 7.    Setting a goal is important when competing 8.    Before I compete I get …

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Sport Anxiety Scale (SAS)

1.    I feel nervous 2.    During competition‚ I find myself thinking about unrelated things 3.    I have self-doubts    4.    My body feels tense  5.    I am concerned that I may not do as well in competition as I could      6.    My mind wanders during sport competition 7.    While performing‚ I often do not pay attention to what’s going on        8.    I feel tense …

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